The Enormous Breakthrough Power of Just Jumping In

~by Shannon Modrell

You know the story.  You need or want to get something accomplished: write that report, plan that speech, create a beautiful work of art…

But the blank paper, the unformed lump of clay, the hazy song idea are screaming defiance at you endangering your motivation and magnifying just how far you really are from your goal. 

 We’ve all been there at times, myself included.

 Fortunately I’ve learned one of the most powerful tools to get over that hump: dive in and let ourselves be led into the process, by the process.  

 Often when we have trouble getting started we need to just start somewhere – anywhere – and just move forward.  Start writing.  Dip the brush in the paint and put it on the canvas.  Place the pencil on the paper and start making a mark. 

 Most everything I’ve ever created (including classes, articles, craft projects, songs, speeches, my blog, my Ezine) was because of this concept.

I’ll give you an example:

Often when I have an article to write I may have a vague idea of the concept that wants to come through, but it’s not completely formed.  So I’ll start typing whatever comes to mind, freeform, without censoring and without caring if it makes sense. I follow the impulses of thoughts within me. Pretty soon catch-phrases and tidbits grow into sentences and concepts that begin to form the article. Then more ideas begin to flow and I keep writing.  Then I’ll stop, re-read, cut-n-paste all over the place, insert transition statements and expand on the concept, reword things, and add ideas until it’s cohesive enough to do somebody some good.  Before I know it, I have an article!

Remember that saying: “Leap and the net will appear?”…..

We open a floodgate of new inspiration when we take an action, but that doesn’t happen unless we take the action.

This is a matter of trusting that we can step out even without seeing where it will take us.

Waiting around for inspiration rarely – if ever – brings results.  The same goes for waiting to “feel like it” and waiting for validation from others that we are qualified to do it.

Having trouble getting started? Try just jumping in and seeing where it takes you!



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