Can Celebration Change Your Life?

~by Shannon Modrell

Can celebration really change your life?

I answer this the same way I answer the question “Can art and music really change your life?” And that is: 
Imagine life without it!

Pretty Dull, huh?  Not a life I would want to live!  

But how often do we take the time to actually celbrate life’s momnets – espescially the small things?  By taking the time to celbrate our own life events we make a huge declaration to opurselves that says “I am worthy. I matter!’  

Besides, Celebration kicks up our endorphin levels!  

I read an article recently on a study about the number one strength-builder that long-term happily married couples had in common.  Several (I forget how many) happily married couples were studied for the secret of their long-term wedded success.

It wasn’t the quantity of things they had in common, the quality of their communication or the degree of grace with which they to weathered the storms of life together.    

The number one strength-builder that all of the happy couples had in common was the fact that they celebrated one another’s accomplishments!

Whether big or small, the act of taking the time to celebrate life’s events was a significant cause of their long term happiness with one another.

I’m convinced that the same holds true for our degree of happiness in life in general: if we will take the time to celebrate our achievements, our accomplishments, our milestones, we radically improve our own happiness.  When we know to the core of our being that we are worthy we not only begin to treat ourselves better and enjoy greater success in life, but we stop needing the world to reflect our worthiness back to us.  Our craving for “hole-in-the-soul-fillers” dissipates:


-external validation
-conspicuous consumption

 -the need to control others
-giving to get something in return
-chasing glory rather than being of service
-compulsive over-eating
-spendaholic shopping

All of these create a vicious cycle that demands more and more in order to give us temporary relief from feelings of unworthiness and dissatisfaction.

Am I saying that celebrating life’s little moments can cure someone of all these behaviors entirely? No, of course not.  But I know from personal experience and the experience of others that it’s a simple way to make a HUGE step in that direction!

So I support all of us in making it a priority to get in the habit of celebrating our accomplishments, no matter how large or small!  

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