Shannon Modrell Interview by Grammy-Nominated Film Composer Rob Wallace

It is commonplace for New Thought music artists to thrive on delivering their music and being of service to as many people as possible. Shannon Modrell, like Karen Drucker and Rickie ByaGrammy-nominated Film Composer Rob Wallacers-Beckwith, has the same qualities. Shannon Modrell shares the same attitude and philosophy too. What I mean by attitude is that Shannon is pointed and forthright about her active involvement in the New Thought Music movement. Here is a snippet of my interview with her:

Rob: What should the New Thought Music movement be?

Shannon: “Many facets: helping people to cultivate a personal relationship with Divinity. To embrace God within, and within all, however each person defines that. To heal anything that gets in the way of that.”

Rob: What genre are you?

Shannon: “Hard to define; I am incredibly eclectic. I guess if you had to label me I would be “Adult Contemporary tinged with World Fusion and Classical Pop”.  Today I write in styles I would have never imagined a few years ago: Gospel, R&B, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Pop, Rock, Adult Contemporary. I also love film score music!  My musical mission in life is to share with others songs that encourage, uplift, and inspire us to know the true value of our place in the world, the true beauty of our essence. Whether about a joyous celebration of life, or a soothing message to get someone through a rough time, the songs I sing are tools for self-awareness, growth, and healing. My music celebrates our connection to our divine nature, each other and our planet.

Rob: Your new CD is titled “Speak Your Word!”?

Shannon: “Yes, Speak Your Word! is a combination of 11 original songs and chants and of various styles from Funk-Gospel-R&B to Caribbean, to Celtic. I will also offer back-up tracks and a songbook. Any music department of any size can use this music in their church, thanks to the Songbook and back-up tracks”

When asked what she felt was the most important thing about her music, Shannon said, “Helping people get in touch with their true value.” Shannon explained that this statement has many levels because ”My personal journey to understand the eternal essence within is a path in which the ‘true value’ is present every step along the way. We just have to learn to be open to it”

My final thought about Shannon Modrell: She is a bright light, a peer that shines amongst us.

Rob Wallace Grammy nominated film composer Rob Wallace has decades of experience writing music for film, video games, and digital multimedia projects. Numerous credits for projects include 134 video game credits including “Mario’s Missing Deluxe, “Monster Bash” for Apogee, Wayne’s World, Jeopardy, All the National Anthems of the world, Software Toolworks, Ultimate Underground, Sea Wolf – Grandeur – Scarab – for brilliant producer John Ratcliff. From there he created Lazy Cats Records producing 25 titles of mostly New Age, New Thought and Jazz music.


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