“Shannon Modrell sings from her soul…Her voice touches you on deep levels.  She moves you!” ~Sandra Zimmer, author It’s Your Time to Shine,

“I’ve worked with A LOT of soloists during my career and I have to say, YOU are a TRUE PRO!” ~ Rev. Chris Chenoweth, founder PositiveChristianity.Org

“Have you heard this woman sing!?!  Oh, my God, what an amazing, powerful gift!” ~ Jana Stanfield, Keynote Concerts

“When you want your spirits automatically elevated, select a Shannon song and be prepared to ride your natural high to the sky!” ~ Flemming deGraffenried”

Nationally acclaimed, award-winning vocalist, composer, and recording artist, Shannon Modrell travels the US singing music to Encourage, Empower and Inspire. Her one-of-a-kind performances receive standing ovations on stages at international conferences and holistic events from coast to coast:

  • POSI  Music Awards (Grammys of Positive Music)
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • United Centers For Spiritual Living
  • Circle of Love Gathering/Eastern Conference
  • Affiliated New Thought Network
  • Theosophical Society Annual Conference
  • TX  Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP)
  • (NSAC) National Spiritualist Association of Churches Convention
  • Holistic Chamber of Commerce
  • Asian Chamber of Commerce
  • Pray For The Children/Safe and Drug Free Fundraiser
  • CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates (for abused children)
  • Fort Bend County Child Advocates

For booking information, please contact Shannon@ShannonModrellmusic.com

Be Encouraged, Be Inspired, Be Empowered

Shannon publishes an inspirational newsletter about creativity and spirituality called Empowered Living.  For a FREE subscription, email Shannon@ShannonModrell.com

Visit Shannon’s Website at http://www.shannonmodrellmusic.com


Shannon Modrell grew up with a physical need to sing.  As a child she sang everywhere she went: at school, the dinner table, the bathtub, the playground, the car, in front of the TV, and of course, with her record player.  She spent hours singing to artists like The Beatles, The Bee Gee’s, Jinny C. Riley, Three Dog Night,  the soundtrack to Grease and every disco record Motown and K-tel ever made!  She also discovered that singing could be used to alleviate pain in her body and began experimenting with sending the “feeling of the singing” into her tummy if she didn’t feel good.  It also proved to be a great salve for emotional pain.

Singing was Shannon’s chief means of catharsis during the tumultuous teen years.  She spent Jr. High and High School training her voice to anything and everything on the radio: Rock, Pop, Country, Showtunes, Folk, RnB, Easy Listening, 50s & 60’s music, 70’s Light Rock and Classic Rock, Adult contemporary – everything.  In her own words: if it got airplay during the 80’s, she sang to it! She could never get enough of any one style of music! “I always had a wide vocal range, but I owe much of the power behind that range to the hours and hours of singing to Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Sheena Easton and believe it or not, the 80’s Hard Rock musicians!

Shannon  always felt “different” from other kids and despite her social butterfly nature she often had difficulty relating to their ways of thinking and seeing the world. During her teen years (between marathon episodes of singing, socializing and dating) she started to embrace “being different” and began to explore psychology and metaphysics, finding that both explained the thoughts and awarenesses she’d always had but never knew what to do with. She began practicing techniques such as visualization, affirmation, and self-hypnosis as early as 14 years old and set out on a path of psychological and spiritual development, heavily influenced by some close friends in 12-Step programs.  Her passion for self-actualization and personal growth equaled her passion for singing but the two had not converged…yet.

On her 18th birthday in 1987 Shannon was in a near-fatal auto accident that left her in a wheelchair for six months and on crutches for another year. The trauma of this and surrounding events catapulted her into a deep “initiation” process that spurred her spiritual growth exponentially.  Meanwhile, singing remained a constant companion and tool for catharsis and transformation.

Shannon began performing professionally with the six piece variety band “New News” in the early 1990’s, traveling widely within the Gulf Coast region. With mastery of a broad repertoire of music from all genres she received numerous opportunities to perform at weddings, Coffee Houses, Night Clubs, churches, Ordination Ceremonies, private concerts, holiday programs, and special events.

With the dawning of the new millennium, Shannon began to focus her talents in support of the “Human Potential and Self Actualization” movements which she had been a part of for the past 20 years, devoting her time to music that heals and inspires as well as entertains.  Her focus as a Motivational Singer is to use positive music with a uniting spiritual message to help people embrace and unleash their magnificence! She has served as vocalist and music director for  3 New Thought churches and as featured performer for the First Spiritualist Church of Houston and the West Houston Theosophical Society.

Today she sings and leads workshops all over the US, publishes the monthly eZine “Gifted U” and offers a FREE “Unleash Your Magnificence” Transformational Toolkit.  Visit Shannon’s website and read her blog at: www.ShannonModrell.com


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