Speak Your Word CD available now! Speak Your Word! CD

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!

Affirmations put to catchy beats

Speak Your Word!  is packed with original fun-groovin’ R&B Gospel, cool Caribbean, and soothing Celtic chants that replace limiting self-beliefs with empowering affirmations


                                                                  $10.00 download

 Grammy Award Winning Musicians on Speak Your Word! boast some impressive credits:

David Munday: (Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Belinda Carlisle, Natalie Ibruglia,  Bryan Adams), Keith Vivens: (Peabo Bryson), Max Dyer (Cirque du Soleil, Micheal W. Smith, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony, Houston Ballet) and 4 x Grammy winner Randy Miller (Goldie Hawn, Destiny’s Child, Mark Chestnut, La Mafia)     Co-songwriters Bruce Ross and Lisa Canida deliver OUTA-THIS-WORLD background harmonies you just gotta hear!

The songs are easy to sing to in a group setting, such as a church service or conference gathering.


Speak Your Word! Songbook CoverNeed music for your church or event? 

Easy to sing songs and chants perfect for:






Group Experience

Class Open/Close


     Just email:                     

What people are saying about “Speak Your Word!”:

“Of all the CD’s, of all the music I have ever bought, yours is the absolute best!” ~Norma Atherton, CPA
“Shannon! I got your CD. Your voice is just amazing! You are truly a professional quality vocalist. Some of your tones sound like Madonna on Ray of Light. Thanks for sharing your music. Love Sandra.” ~Sandra Zimmer, author “It’s Your Time To Shine”
“I knew it would be good; I had no idea it would be this good!  The quality of this CD is just astounding!” ~ Flem deGraffenried, Attorney at Law.
“You have an amazing ear, and I really appreciate how beautifully you sing right on pitch and in tune even when you sing acappella. That’s a gift!” ~Barbara Butler, Kingwood Pops Orchestra
 “Tobin and I finally listened to your CD this weekend – it’s WONDERFUL!  You are incredibly talented.  We both really enjoyed your performance.” ~Kenneth Brown, fan
 “In the 25 minutes or so driving home from Nan’s I listened to your cd. I laughed, wept, crooned along with you…and thoroughly enjoyed your incredible presence via your voice. What energy!!! Thank you for sharing this with me….wow….I’ll probably have every word memorized by the time I see you next ! :-)) ~Julia Carroll, M.A., A.T.C., author “Healing H’arts”
“I am wearing out my recording of Speak your Word!! It is awesome…Have used it with the teens I am working with and they like it too!!!” Marsha Green, LCDC, Houston Memorial Hospital
“The congregation really responded to your songs!  ~Dana Clark, Music Director, Unity of San Antonio
“Amazing Grace is a beautiful song, but you really do it better than anyone!” ~Harvey Morris, fan

MANY THANKS go to Bruce Ross, Lisa Canida and Cory Keisler, co-songwriters on Speak Your Word!  Your energy and talents give this CD that extra special magic!


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