For Spiritual Centers

When not performing in international conferences, Shannon Modrell sings in Spiritual Centers and New Thought churches across the US.

Her many years on the path of spiritual transformation have led her to a calling: to open hearts and change lives with the power of music.  Her focus is “spiritual, not religious”

Her songs do everything from inspire you to achieve your dreams with upbeat dynamism to opening your heart with healing, dulcet tones.  Her current CD ‘Speak Your Word!” is packed with songs perfect for New Thought and holistic church services

Common themes in Shannon’s music are:

  • Believe in yourself   
  • Follow your dreams
  • Oneness with others
  • Oneness with the Earth
  • Our Innate Divinity
  • Healing – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual
  • Change your thinking, change your life

What to Expect When Shannon Sings at Your Church

Shannon Modrell is a singer-songwriter-speaker who often performs with high quality pre-recorded tracks on cd – OR – with the church band if one is provided.  Her power lies in her ability to connect with, uplift and inspire the audience in order to greatly strengthen the service’s effectiveness:

  • Support the Speaker and Reinforce the Message

When Shannon opens and closes a minister’s message her intention is to support the message of the speaker either through a congruent song selection, or energetically by simply opening the hearts of the audience to better enable them to receive the ideas delivered.  She has a very large repertoire of songs in many different styles and is happy to tailor her repertoire to fit both your congregation’s culture and your minister’s topic!

  • Professionalism

Shannon does her utmost to be available for communication with you, present a professional appearance, and respect your guests.  She shows up prepared and on-time. 

  • Flexibility

Shannon works with your musicians if needed, and remains flexible to changes and the unforeseen situations that often arise during a service.

  • Variety

Shannon’s musical talents are some of the most varied you will ever find! She excels at everything : Adult Contemporary, Gospel , Celtic, Calypso, Jazz, Blues and MUCH more!

  • Quality

When Shannon sings with backing tracks they feature Grammy Award winning musicians and are produced in the upper echelon of recording studios.  They offer a unique sound that is seldom reproduced by most house bands, no matter their skill level.  However, if you prefer Shannon happily works with live musicians, too.

To explore bringing Shannon’s music LIVE to Encourage, Empower and Inspire to your church service or concert, please contact her by leaving a comment below!


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