For Event Planners

Shannon Modrell works with conference and meeting planners who want to use the power of live music to create an event that sends people out feeling energized, motivated and glad they attended.

Reflecting her background as a 20+ year veteran of personal growth and transformational pursuits, she combines values of inclusivity, self-esteem, and the betterment of life for all into music that leaves people feeling on top of the world and able to do anything they dream possible!

What can Live Musical Motivation from Shannon Modrell do for your conference or convention?

Shannon LIVE: at the opening keynote:

  • Kicks off the meeting with high energy.
  • Jumpstarts the left brain (logic) and the right brain (creativity) simultaneously.
  • Sets the tone for laughter, learning, and opens the heart for receptivity to the speakers message.

Shannon LIVE: at the closing keynote:

  • Anchors the lessons that participants have learned.
  • Generates participants’ confidence in themselves to go out and apply what they’ve learned.
  • Sends people back into the world telling friends and co-workers that this event was EXCELLENT.

Shannon LIVE: As a luncheon keynote:.

  • Generates an upbeat attitude in attendees.
  • Energizes people for their afternoon sessions.

What to Expect When Shannon Sings at Your Conference

Shannon’s goal is two-fold:

   1. To make you, the conference promoter/planner, look good!

   2. Motivate your guests to return next year!

You’ve invested countless hours to ensure that  every detail is in place.  Lots of people need lots of thing from you.  A lot is on the line. It MUST be spectacular…

The music presentation should reflect that!


Sometimes two heads are better than one!  Countless conference performances give Shannon invaluable experience with the subtle ins and outs of what makes for a dynamic music program that ignites enthusiasm for the whole event.  If desired, she happily shares her insights and can work with you to structure the music program for optimum benefit for all.  In her words: “I’ve worked with event planners who think they must run themselves ragged making every single decision, otherwise they feel they aren’t doing enough – not doing their job.  But in truth, some very subtle changes in musical planning (where to put live music, which songs to use, how to promote it to participants, etc) can multiply the enjoyment of the event a thousandfold!  Yes, the conference planner usually gets the credit for all of that, but I don’t care – the point is, everyone has an AMAZING time – that’s why we are all there!”


It takes a team to create a successful event. It is never her desire to upstage or steal focus from the speaker.  She feels strongly that cooperation brings more success than competition and is dedicated to living the principles of mutual respect for the greater good.


Shannon does her utmost to be available for communication with you, present a professional appearance, and respect your guests.  She  shows up prepared and on-time.


Shannon often sings with high quality music tracks which feature Grammy award winning musicians and that have been produced in the upper echelon of recording studios.  However she will gladly work with your musicians whenever possible if you have a house band.

Set the Mood

Shannon’s favorite venues are conferences and conventions in which she can help uplift the audience and the entire event to elevated states of joy, peace, and connectedness.

Support the Speaker and Reinforce the Message

When Shannon opens and closes a keynote delivery her intention is to support the message of the speaker either through a congruent song selection, or energetically by simply opening the hearts of the audience to better enable them to receive the message delivered.  She has a large repertoire of songs and is happy to offer suggestions for which songs would be the perfect fit for most any topic!

Respect for Your Guests

Hard-sell situations are not Shannon’s “thing”.  Although she does sell CD’s and other products, she realizes that the primary purpose of your event is to offer an experience that is of value to your participants.  Shannon is committed to a respectful honoring of the rights of your attendees to not feel manipulated into buying her products.


Shannon does the utmost to remain flexible to schedule changes and the unforeseen situations that often arise during live events.

What Shannon Asks of You When She Sings at Your Conference

  • In order to continue in the business of providing conferences with musical upliftment, Shannon offers music CD’s with an encouraging, empowering and inspirational message. These CD sales are an integral part of the business mix required to make performance fees affordable. It is crucial that the CD’s be placed in a well-lit, high traffic
    area.  Tools of healing, including music, can’t do their work in the world if no one knows they are available!  And that requires high visibility.
  • Shannon does not view your event as her opportunity to give an infomercial for her products!  She does not like hard-sell situations.  However, she has found that it’s very important for the the announcer to simply mention their location after the performance.  Shannon also provides a non-pushy, light-hearted  blurb to help make this easier on the announcer.
  • Shannon loves to interact, spend time with, and create connection with your guests throughout the course of the event.  However, she does not perform “in exchange for” entrance to the conference, except in very special situations.  Since performing at conferences can take quite a bit of energy, Shannon might not attend workshops or breakout sessions.
  • Another aspect of the energy required to perform at conferences necessitates a private room on location at the event included in, and in addition to, compensation for performing.
  • Shannon also provides a quick list of audio/visual needs for your convenience.

To explore adding Shannon’s LIVE music to Encourage and Inspire to your next event, please contact her by leaving a comment below!


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