Why It’s Never What You Expect ~by shannon modrell

~by Shannon Modrell

Wonderful creative soul, the truth is you won’t be able to give birth to your heart’s desire exactly the way you envision. Every creator holds a vision in his or her heart’s eye that is rarely exactly realized. It’s true, you may not have all the talent or smarts and energy you wish you had. You know what? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is you keep moving forward on what you most treasure. What is born and most importantly, the process of birthing your heart’s desire, contains all the meaning and joy and renewal you crave.”                  ~Jennifer Louden

 People who don’t think of themselves as creative (and there are LOTS of them) are always surprised when I tell them that most of the things I create – whether artwork, jewelry, songs, speeches, even these articles – never turn out like I originally picture them or hear them.  All they see is the finished product and they assume I have some grand ability that they do not possess. 

They don’t realize what a moment-by-moment process it is to produce something out of seemingly nothing and they automatically compare my finished outcome to the lack of a complete vision in their own head. 

 Or they may have a fantastic mental picture about something they want to create, but become frustrated when their results are less than they had envisioned on the first go-round.

But as most any author, artist, songwriter, speaker, builder or event coordinator will tell you – nothing ever goes exactly as planned – no matter how extensively you plan it before hand. 


Because once you step into the realm of “yes” by taking an action in the direction of your intention, who you are changes with each step.  Each moment of the journey is entirely new. 

 This is one of those odd phenomena that can only be understood through experience! 

 The richest and juiciest writings, songs, performances, speeches, classes, humanitarian undertakings, etc. come about when we ride the waves of inspiration that flow through us and we allow ourselves to be guided and directed into a larger vision than anything we ourselves never imagined. But this is usually only revealed to us one stepping-stone at a time, and only fully gains momentum when we say “yes” and then take action.

So I propose we all agree to let go of comparing our efforts to those of others AND to the expectation we may have in our own minds and try to simply enjoy the process – the step-by-step journey of creation – trusting that it will be revealed to us one piece at a time. We cannot fully know the outcome because with each new moment of the process what we see, how we see it, and what we are ready to experience is continually evolving.

 Peace and blessings,


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