The Enormous Breakthrough Power of Just Jumping In

~by Shannon Modrell

You know the story.  You need or want to get something accomplished: write that report, plan that speech, create a beautiful work of art…

But the blank paper, the unformed lump of clay, the hazy song idea are screaming defiance at you endangering your motivation and magnifying just how far you really are from your goal. 

 We’ve all been there at times, myself included.

 Fortunately I’ve learned one of the most powerful tools to get over that hump: dive in and let ourselves be led into the process, by the process.  

 Often when we have trouble getting started we need to just start somewhere – anywhere – and just move forward.  Start writing.  Dip the brush in the paint and put it on the canvas.  Place the pencil on the paper and start making a mark. 

 Most everything I’ve ever created (including classes, articles, craft projects, songs, speeches, my blog, my Ezine) was because of this concept.

I’ll give you an example:

Often when I have an article to write I may have a vague idea of the concept that wants to come through, but it’s not completely formed.  So I’ll start typing whatever comes to mind, freeform, without censoring and without caring if it makes sense. I follow the impulses of thoughts within me. Pretty soon catch-phrases and tidbits grow into sentences and concepts that begin to form the article. Then more ideas begin to flow and I keep writing.  Then I’ll stop, re-read, cut-n-paste all over the place, insert transition statements and expand on the concept, reword things, and add ideas until it’s cohesive enough to do somebody some good.  Before I know it, I have an article!

Remember that saying: “Leap and the net will appear?”…..

We open a floodgate of new inspiration when we take an action, but that doesn’t happen unless we take the action.

This is a matter of trusting that we can step out even without seeing where it will take us.

Waiting around for inspiration rarely – if ever – brings results.  The same goes for waiting to “feel like it” and waiting for validation from others that we are qualified to do it.

Having trouble getting started? Try just jumping in and seeing where it takes you!



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Permission To Do Things Badly ~by Shannon Modrell


“Did she just say what I think she said?!?”

We westerners are such a results oriented, perfectionistic culture in so many ways!  Too often we confuse striving for excellence with striving for perfection.  If the thought of allowing yourself to do things badly has you aghast with horror, then you have a perfectionist streak, my friend! 

Now granted, there are times when striving for perfection is preferable – Doctors performing surgery springs to mind as one example.   And you’d better believe that I want the auto mechanic who works on my brakes to be on the top of his game the day he’s under my car! But more often than not, perfectionism hampers good results. 

I know because I am a recovering perfectionist myself.

Allowing myself to do things badly has been the single most effective tool for getting me into action.  It was the policy I finally had to adopt in order to accomplish anything.  Everything I have ever created including my CD’s, articles, resumes, artwork, speeches, classes, workshops, my Ezine, my songwriting – everything – has only been created because I was willing to just start somewhere, anywhere, and step into action…and do it badly.  I always know that I can adjust and make corrections along the way, but giving myself permission to not be perfect is the only way I even get started.

And, of course, there are times when mistakes happen.  Despite my best efforts, sometimes I generate writing, performances, speeches, classes, and articles that contain errors.  Funny thing is people always seem to get something of value out of them anyway!  In fact, not only are the flaws in the things I do usually nowhere near as huge as my magical magnifying mind makes them out to be, but often I find that the “flaws” actually put people at ease.  It gives them permission to make mistakes too and not beat themselves up over it.  And then there are the times when what I judge as a flaw turns out to actually be an asset!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten tripped up on a lyric or made some other error while performing, and it actually made the audience and I more connected with one another.  It has a way of melting pretence and separation, giving everyone a sense of “we’re all in this together”.  It gives me and the audience something to laugh about together.

I know plenty of musicians who have had music in them for years, but they are waiting for the chance to make the perfect CD before they will even start.  I know many writers who would be wildly successful except that they can’t finish -or even start-  their book or articles because they can’t write up to their own lofty standards, or they sit around worrying about improper grammar.  I promise you I am intelligent enough to look past their bad grammar (should I even notice it) – I would much rather gain the benefit of their concepts and ideas.

It’s counter-intuitive to what our western culture reinforces, but it’s amazing how taking the pressure of expectation off of our results can actually improve our results!  Letting go of the voice of perfectionism helps you to see how imperfectly you can do things, and still do them effectively.  Perfectionism is healed by taking action imperfectly and surviving!

So if there is something inside of you that wants to be birthed, a project you’ve procrastinated starting, an idea to create something you just can’t seem to get going on, I invite you to ask yourself this one question:  “What small, imperfect action step can I take toward my desires today – even if I have to correct course along the way?”

Peace and Blessings,


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