A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Healer ~by Shannon Modrell

~by Shannon Modrell

It’s almost a misnomer to even call myself a healer.  It seems to imply that I have some ability that others do not, and I know that is not true.  We are all healers.  Anyone can do hands-on-healing.  It’s not a mark of distinction.  All systems that teach it are merely ways to give it structure, but the raw ability is something we all possess. 

So when I say I’m a healer, I’m really just making a declaration of truth that is universal.

 Having worked with Hands on Healing and Reiki for about 7 years now, one of the most important things I’ve learned about it is to allow Spirit to do the work through me rather than using my own energy to do the healing.  Why?   Well, several reasons, actually:


1. God can do more through me than I can ever do myself.              

It’s difficult to add anything to this point; it’s just something I’ve come to know. The finite mind cannot comprehend the infinite.  Not fully, anyway.

The oddity of hands-on-healing is that sometimes I feel the energy flowing through me, sometimes I feel zip. Nadda.  And conversely, sometimes the recipient feels it,  sometimes not. What’s really fun is when one of us feels a powerful flow and the other feels nothing. So there really is no way to accurately judge whether or not it’s “doing anything” (more on this below).   

  2. Being human, sooner or later our own energy “runs out”.   Divine energy NEVER runs out.

 What do I mean by, “runs out”?  Aren’t we infinite beings without beginning or end?   Yes, but our human form energy, our own vital essence does indeed have a limit.  A    very talented healer can produce great results by giving their own healing energy to another, but eventually that energy is going to burn out. Why?  Because it is for the person who has it.  A wise healer sets a conscious intention to allow divine energy to flow through them, not from them. The metaphor of being used as a vessel is   a popular image for setting this intention.


3. Divine Intelligence knows what’s needed, where it’s needed, and how much is needed better than I do.

 As a healer I cannot know the full story behind the cause of another person’s ailment, issue, or challenge.  I may have an   idea,  an intuitive knowing, or an opinion, but I still only have a piece of the information (assuming I’m correct in my assessment).  The body is a fascinating system: A person may experience pain or discomfort in one area of the body, but the cause may originate from an entirely different location. 

 This is why I don’t want to know too much about any particular ailment a person may have, because I don’t want my conscious mind to get in the way when I’m trying to follow my gut about where my hands need to be placed next.  I prefer to trust God to prompt    me through my intuition rather than limit my focus to whatever location I think needs the healing touch.  Any verbal expression of what the recipient wants healed is actually a declaration of intention for themselves, rather than instruction for my benefit.

 4. It’s not my responsibility to fix anything. 

 I cannot get wrapped up in worrying about whether or not what I’m doing is effective. First of all, that’s a great way to cut off the flow of energy.  Second, I cannot create another person’s experience.  Only the person receiving can choose that. 

Divine energy is capable of bypassing emotional and mental obstructions in the recipient such as fear of the process, or skepticism about whether it’s working, but both refusal and willingness to receive the energy is totally within the recipient’s control.  I  can usually feel it when someone is blocking the energy and refusing to receive it.    Often the person is unconscious of this resistance.  But I can’t force them to be healed!  I just have to let it go and trust that whatever is for the highest and best for this person will occur in Divine right timing.  Hey, for all I know the energy may stay with    them and be received years later!  Fact is stranger than fiction, after all!

5. I cannot know what is the highest and best for another individual

 I mean, come on now, we barely know what is the highest and best for ourselves!  No matter how much I may want to grant another person relief, there is a very good reason that it’s out of my control:  I don’t know everything.  (see point #3).  I cannot know what    another soul’s choices are, what they came here to accomplish, or how they are here to do it.  Though I fully know that we do not come here to just experience, we come here to heal, I cannot know what role another’s challenges play in their process. 

Of course I want to eliminate suffering.  But I cannot always know if someone’s suffering is a symptom of a larger problem or consequence of a destructive thought or   behavior that is trying to get their attention.  So I don’t allow my will to go into control-       mode and try to force healing.  I simply allow God to work through me and know that Divine Unconditional Love is ALWAYS the real truth.



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