Can Celebration Change Your Life?

~by Shannon Modrell

Can celebration really change your life?

I answer this the same way I answer the question “Can art and music really change your life?” And that is: 
Imagine life without it!

Pretty Dull, huh?  Not a life I would want to live!  

But how often do we take the time to actually celbrate life’s momnets – espescially the small things?  By taking the time to celbrate our own life events we make a huge declaration to opurselves that says “I am worthy. I matter!’  

Besides, Celebration kicks up our endorphin levels!  

I read an article recently on a study about the number one strength-builder that long-term happily married couples had in common.  Several (I forget how many) happily married couples were studied for the secret of their long-term wedded success.

It wasn’t the quantity of things they had in common, the quality of their communication or the degree of grace with which they to weathered the storms of life together.    

The number one strength-builder that all of the happy couples had in common was the fact that they celebrated one another’s accomplishments!

Whether big or small, the act of taking the time to celebrate life’s events was a significant cause of their long term happiness with one another.

I’m convinced that the same holds true for our degree of happiness in life in general: if we will take the time to celebrate our achievements, our accomplishments, our milestones, we radically improve our own happiness.  When we know to the core of our being that we are worthy we not only begin to treat ourselves better and enjoy greater success in life, but we stop needing the world to reflect our worthiness back to us.  Our craving for “hole-in-the-soul-fillers” dissipates:


-external validation
-conspicuous consumption

 -the need to control others
-giving to get something in return
-chasing glory rather than being of service
-compulsive over-eating
-spendaholic shopping

All of these create a vicious cycle that demands more and more in order to give us temporary relief from feelings of unworthiness and dissatisfaction.

Am I saying that celebrating life’s little moments can cure someone of all these behaviors entirely? No, of course not.  But I know from personal experience and the experience of others that it’s a simple way to make a HUGE step in that direction!

So I support all of us in making it a priority to get in the habit of celebrating our accomplishments, no matter how large or small!  

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Guide to Navigating the Weirdness of Transition ~by Shannon Modrell

Did you sign up for a life of spiritual growth, conscious awareness, and all the unlimited joy that the path of divine evolution has to offer – only to find that there are times you feel like you’ve run smack into a brick wall? 

 You know, those days, weeks, or even months when  living the life of spiritual enlightenment feels like trudging through swamp water, leaving you to wonder “What am I doing wrong?”

 Truth is: even though unlimited joy IS available to us right here, right now, some bumps on the path of spirituality make you spill your proverbial coffee all over the pristine white slacks of your life   – sometimes it’s just plain messy! 

As a person who started on a self-actualizing journey at a very young age, I have been through more major transitions than many people go through in one lifetime.  I don’t say that as a mark of distinction, it’s just what I happened to sign up for.  As a result I’ve had to learn A LOT about how to navigate the sometimes murky waters of transition on the way to greater joy.  

The process of releasing old limiting mindsets in favor of new empowering mindsets (fundamental to spiritual growth) is a lot like a snake shedding an old skin.   Even when change is wanted, there is a grieving process of sorts to go through amidst the joy of the good experience.  But some transition periods are just downright painful, or can leave you feeling like a fish out of water with no way back in. 

Despite what some spiritual traditions teach, the journey of true enlightenment is not all rainbows and pink clouds of bliss floating over Never-Never Land.  Sometimes in order to grow the only way out is through.  And that means experiencing temporary pain.  But it’s what we do with that pain that affects how miserable or happy we are long-term. 

I’ll share with you the insights I’ve learned in order to navigate the unsettling weirdness that takes over during those times (and I saved the best for last). 

 Most of the insights amount to these 2 things:      

Listen to your own still small voice, and…

Become your own loving parent.

Here they are: 

Be gentle with yourself – especially in regard to negative self-talk:

Try to be patient with yourself.  You may be in a heightened state of vulnerability and negative self-talk is likely to bubble up to the surface during this time, sometimes to the point of crippling any ability to believe in your self at all.  If negative thoughts and feelings appear, try to breathe through them and remind yourself they are not real.  Believe it or not this brings one of the most powerful opportunities to release and heal painful self-limiting beliefs stored within us.  (My song “I AM Enough – Celtic Chant Version”  is designed to help with this)

 Avoid toxic people as much as possible

Transition time is a time of vulnerability.  Crazy-makers, critical people and people who frequently speak lack, doubt and limitation will only drag you down and help make your growth process a long slow crawl through unnecessary pain and reinforce false doubts.  Do whatever you must to avoid them as much as possible.  Make excuses if that helps. Screen calls.  Your sanity is worth it!

 Honor the need to rest

In her book This Time I Dance – Creating the Work You Love Tama Kieves wrote an entire chapter called “The Year of Sleeping Dangerously”. Why? Because times of transition and change often involves a great expenditure of energy, whether we feel it or not.  If you find yourself needing more rest than usual, honor that – your body’s wisdom will tell you what you need in anticipation of the next step in your journey.  Without enough rest we cannot be emotionally or mentally balanced, and this is especially important in times of transition.


In addition to honoring the need to rest, getting some exercise will also make a world of difference both in terms of the intensity of the experience, and its duration.  The exercise doesn’t have to be extreme: gentle walks through the park or your neighborhood may be enough.  Just set the intention that this period of exercise, whatever form it takes, is to be used to move energy through you and support you in healing.  You can even state a specific purpose such as: “I want this walk/jog/treadmill time to help me in releasing the belief that _______” – fill in the blank.  Also, listening to music with positive, affirmative messages while exercising helps you incorporate new empowering beliefs about yourself faster and at deeper levels.  

 Delay major decisions (if possible)

Times of transition can leave us feeling confused.  That’s natural because we’re shifting energies on many levels.  We just don’t always make the best decisions when it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under us.  I realize some major decisions cannot be postponed, such as taking a new job after the old one disappears, but if a major decision can be postponed, postpone it!.

 Eat nourishing food

There’s a definite connection between the physical, emotional, and mental parts of our being.  Eating foods that nurtures our physical body makes a huge difference in the intensity of our emotional and mental states.  IMPORTANT: Don’t beat yourself up for eating the bag of potato chips or chocolate chips because this will only make things worse, but do try to listen to the small still voice of wisdom planted in your body and let it tell you what it really wants in order to feel whole and healthy. (Hint: if you’re used to giving your body whatever junk it wants, it may take some practice to hear past the requests for more junk that vie for your attention, but eventually the truth will override these impulses)

 Organize and clear out clutter (as best you can)

Trying to do this during a transition time can be daunting, I know, especially if you’re in head-fog.  But if you can spend at least a little time and effort in creating order in your physical space, you will net  AT LEAST 3 major benefits:  1. Gets you out of the realm of emotion and into a left-brain activity; 2. Creates a distraction from the intensity of emotions and strengthens focus and clarity; 3. Helps move out old energy and creates space for new energy which translates to new experiences, new ideas, new ways of being.

 Breathe.  3 times.  Deeply.

This one tool may be the single most powerful you can use when in emotional intensity.  Slowly, breathe in and out, deeply, 3 times and just notice how dramatically different you feel!  Repeat as often as necessary 😉



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